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Muhammad Sufi

Sufi’s journey to be a therapist started at a very young age. At the age of 17, he acquired his first certification EMM-Tech, EMMETT Technique. After witnessing the incredibly fast and positive response of his clients, he continued to improve his skills and knowledge and became an instructor of EMMETT Technique in 2019 teaching Modules 1-6. Sufi believes that health should be viewed in a holistic approach. Therefore, he integrates other modalities such as Osteopathic Manipulation Technique (OMT), Visceral Manipulation (VM), CranioSacral (CST), Lymphatic Drainage (LDT) therapy certified by Barral Institute, Upledger Institute and Chikly Health Institute in his practice. In addition to his Manual Therapy skills, his treatment emphasize on Postural Training and Functional Movement Re-education. Sufi is also a certified Fitness Professional by National Academy of Sports Medicine, a credential he earned in 2014, and has helped numerous people, athletes and non-athletes. Being an athlete himself with an extensive background in competitive Sprinting and Boxing, he understood the importance of staying healthy while performing at the optimal level.

Marie Belin

Marie is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Singapore. Her vision is to give her clients the tools to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle tailored to their specific needs. She supports clients with chronic conditions, digestive issues, eating disorders, anxiety, insomnia and many other complaints, on their journey to better health and optimal wellness. The holistic approach aims at taking into account the mind-body connection: the interconnectedness of our physiological, mental, emotional and environmental states. Your body speaks to you in wonderful ways, we just need to learn to listen. She founded CORE in 2021 after a comprehensive training she decided to take to follow her passion and make space for her dream. Marie offers one-on-one consultation in her Singapore practice or online for her international clients.

Kathy Gabriel

Kathy is trained in Deep Tissue Massage, Structural Bodywork as well as Sports Massage. She is a certified Craniosacral Therapist offering healing and recovery by gently guiding the body, mind and spirit back to its natural state of harmony. She is also a certified sound therapist and teacher trainer in Singapore. Her deepest purpose and calling is to help others explore their internal landscape, to better understand their nervous system and health. Soma Haus is the manifestation of her dream to build community, transform our perspective of health and to bring holistic wellness education to a wider audience.

Radin Nur Izzati

Izzati was first motivated to pursue a career in holistic bodywork therapy after receiving Craniosacral therapy to treat her coccyx discomfort. When she first had a Craniosacral therapy session that relieved her tailbone discomfort within her first session, she was intrigued by the concept of alternative healing treatments. She became motivated to discover alternative therapies and pursue Lymph Drainage Therapy (Chikly Health Institute) and Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute International) as a result of her experience. As she progresses, she immerses herself in a new world of deep and holistic understanding of health and wellness through different exposures and pursues a practising in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. Her educational background in health & fitness has aided to better understand the human body and how it works as one unit. Through this development, she is inspired to continue assisting people using holistic modalities, the success of which she has directly seen. She also holds a strong belief that the human body is able to self-heal and hence with extended arms, she desires to help individuals to facilitate one’s own recovery.

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