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The Emmett Technique muscle activation points can unlock muscle memory. This activation gives the brain the opportunity to re-evaluate the initial activator that created the neuromuscular problem for that client.

Light pressure sequences are used to desensitise these areas and the effect can be an almost instantaneous result. The Emmett Technique uses language skills and word selection to reprogram the mind and to instil an acceptable attitude. The results can be dramatic even for first time clients.

Who can apply to become a practitioner?

Emmett practitioners are rising from a broad cross-section of the medical profession. This includes Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths etc… We have seen a rise in Personal Trainers, Professional Athletes, Yoga/Pilates Instructors etc.

A trained Emmett practitioner is highly adaptable to the needs of their clients. The Emmett Technique offers a valuable addition which helps practitioners more accurately assess and treat a patients’ needs, while integrating it with their particular technique.

A professional approach to client assessment and treatment enhancements

This seminar provides a missing link in muscle release methods. It follows a sequence of procedures, which will not only benefit your own method and client assessments, but it will also provide clinical improvements using NLP skills. NLP provides the practitioner with the ability to anchor, re-frame and use visual and auditory information collection.

EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course Structure

The course is divided into two-day learning blocks, called Modules, with 6 Modules in total.  Material covered in the previous Module is reviewed before new work is covered.  This ensures that all participants are up to date and ready to learn new material. Modules 1 & 2 are one day each in duration and always taught as a two-day block. The total course therefore consists of:


Module 1
Day 1: Module 1
Day 2: Module 2

Module 3
Day 1: Review of Module 1 & 2
Day 2: Module 3

Module 4
Day 1: Review of Module 3
Day 2: Module 4

Module 5
Day 1: Review of Module 4
Day 2: Module 5

Module 6
Day 1: Review of Module 5
Day 2: Module 6


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